Taiwan Merchandise Industry: AI Spending in 2022
July 25, 2022 / Shihyu(Alex) Chu / Catherine Hung
22 Page, Topical Report
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Thanks to the rapid advances in information and communications technologies, companies in Taiwan have adopted a wide variety of hardware, software, and services to support daily business operations, planning to boost their IT (Information Technology) spending in 2022. They continue to increase IT budgets to integrate existing systems and resources more effectively, thereby reducing operating costs and improving overall productivity. Taiwan's MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) conducted surveys in late 2021 with an aim to present estimates of IT spending in five major industries in Taiwan, including manufacturing, construction, finance, merchandise (wholesale & retail), and healthcare. The findings are based on data from MIC's IT Spending Survey conducted in late 2021. Hundreds of IT companies in Taiwan were asked a series of questions about their IT spending patterns, habits, and plans. This report consolidates survey data on AI spending in the merchandise industry and analyzes such spending across two sub-industries of the industry, including wholesale and retail; provides spending forecasts for 2022 to help the stakeholders gain a better understanding of changes in AI spending over the years.  
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