Research Reports
MIC has thousands of single research reports available for sale online, delivering latest data and intelligence in the areas of China Research, Communications, Computing, Consumer Electronics, Display, and Semiconductor. You can purchase research findings on an as-needed basis.
MIC Research Reports have four types of research deliverables:
Statistics report (S): Monthly/quarterly/bi-annually/annually spreadsheets highlighting latest market statistics and short term forecasts.
Topical report (T): Publications offering comprehensive research collections on various topics and real time issues.
Radar (R): Incisive commentary detailing an insider’s perspective of industry and market trends.
Symposium (Sy): Presentation files delivering a broad, high-resolution perspective of industry and market trends.
Through MIC's Research Reports you are able to browse the most recent research findings published by MIC, and choose one or more of our reports according to your specific needs. You can buy these reports directly online, or if you require more information to determine which MIC research findings best fulfill your needs, you can contact one of MIC's program executives for more detail.
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Communications
  • Economy and Policy
  • Broadband Next Generation Networks & Services
  • Enterprise and Home Networks
  • Mobile Application Software & Services
  • Digital TV Emerging Services & Networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Telecommunications
  • Mobile Computing Devices
  • Productivity Computing
  • Cloud Applications & Platforms
  • Consumer Electronics Devices
  • Connected Home
  • Application IC & Components
  • Communication Device Components
  • Semiconductor Industry
Industry Intelligence Programs
MIC's Industry Intelligence Programs (IIPs) are web and annual subscription-based programs that provide members with access to our ICT Industry Database of over 3,000 research reports covering Big Data Analytics, China, Communications, Computing, and Semiconductor research areas. IIPs are ideal for corporate users, academic libraries and researchers who look for a regular delivery of IT intelligence.

Users subscribing to these programs gain access to quarterly spreadsheets with market and industry statistics and forecasts, in-depth reports providing analysis of major industry and market developments, and first-hand looks at important future trends.

Subscribe to MIC's IIPs and keep yourself continually up-to-date with the newest industry developments in your business area.
Quarterly Datasheets
With more than 100 analysts dedicated to ICT research, MIC brings you Quarterly Datasheets that present shipment volume and value forecasts and the recent quarter review of shipment volume, value, ASP, and manufacturer volume rankings, shipment breakdowns by production location, shipment destination and product mix (content may vary based on specific area of focus) for information technology, mobile communications, consumer electronics, semiconductor, display and other emerging industries, with historical figures dating back to 2002.
December 19, 2018 / Jane Yeh
February 13, 2018 / Chung-Yu Yang
April 11, 2017 / Jane Yeh
December 27, 2016 / Chung-Yu Yang
November 15, 2016 / Yi-Hua Shen
From CES and MWC to Computex, MIC's analysts are on the spot to bring the first-hand information to our customers. In addition to attending the world's major trade shows, MIC also regularly holds a variety of events to share our insight of the latest industry trends, including symposiums, topic-based workshops, salons, and the annual MIC Forum. You can find and purchase our analysts' slides for these events and keep abreast of the latest developments in the global ICT industry.