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Taiwanese Branded Mobile Phone Shipment Volume Grows 35.2% Sequentially in 2Q 2013, According to MIC
August 02, 2013

MIC sees that the sequential growth of branded mobile phones was mainly ascribed to the improved yield production of key components used in the New HTC One and the rollout of HTC Desire through the company's cooperation with telecom operators.

MIC's new quarterly mobile tracker shows that the combined shipment value of Taiwanese branded mobile phones arrived at around US$2.3 million, up 68.5% sequentially. Branded mobile phone ASP rose to US$331.3. Eddie Han, Research Associate, Mobile Communications research, MIC Taiwan says "the major factors that contributed to the growth of industry value and ASP were HTC's concentrated resources for the New HTC One, which accounted for around 50% of the industry's total shipments." "Furthermore, the adoption of metal chassis and customized key components incurred high BOM (Bill Of Material) cost of the New HTC One, and thus the overall ASP increased."

"At the same time, ASUS announced the PadFone Infinity as its flagship phone and its shipment volume began to increase in the second quarter of 2013. Sales performance of the New HTC One and ASUS PadFone Infinity are expected to bolster the growth in the industry value." noted, Eddie Han.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2013, Apple and Samsung are projected to launch their new flagship models at the end of third quarter, thereby inserting pressure to the nearly saturated high-end mobile phone market. Their influence on Taiwanese branded vendors' market share is expected to become manifest in the fourth quarter of 2013. According to Apple's product rollout plans, the company is due to launch its S-series iPhone in 2013; however, after the decease of Steve Jobs, iPhone 5's lack of killer designs reflected Apple's slowdown in innovation. In 2013, the deferred purchase that normally occurred in the third quarter of every year in anticipation of new iPhone is not going to be obvious.

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