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Over 80% of Taiwanese Netizens Anticipate XR Devices, with Apple and Google Leading Preferences: MIC
March 08, 2024

The Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) has unveiled its latest report on the "Extended Reality (XR) Brand and Intentions Survey," shedding light on Taiwanese preferences for XR devices and the willingness to purchase Apple's Vision Pro. A staggering 81% of Taiwanese respondents expressed anticipation for XR head-mounted devices, including glasses and helmets, with international brands like Apple (62%) and Google (55%) emerging as the most favored. Following closely were Samsung (33%), Sony (30%), and Microsoft (25%).

Which XR Device Brands (Glasses, Head-mounted) you are more anticipating and interested in? (Multiple choice, up to 4)

Note 1: Effective sample size of 1,068 respondents.
Note 2: The weight of "others" is 0.3%, not presented in the chart.
Data Source: MIC, March 2024.

MIC's Senior Industry Analyst Wallance Liu highlighted that the XR device market experienced a decline in shipments over the past two years due to soft demand in the consumer market. However, with Apple introducing its first-ever XR device, there is a potential to boost attention towards XR, possibly influencing the sales of other brands in the market.

According to MIC's survey, 60% of Taiwanese netizens have previously purchased Apple products, indicating a substantial existing customer base for Apple. This suggests a heightened interest in Apple products, particularly in the context of their newly introduced Vision Pro headset. The survey on the purchase intention for Vision Pro revealed that 16% expressed interest, while 44% remained hesitant. Considering the high price tag of US$3,499, Liu pointed out that the 16% interest is noteworthy, with 40% adopting a wait-and-see approach.

The survey also emphasized the crucial role of "price" in influencing Taiwanese consumers' decisions. Respondents indicated that if Apple were to introduce a XR device with lower specifications and price in the future, the willingness to purchase would increase to 36%, up from 16%, while unwillingness would decrease to 23%, indicating a greater acceptance of slightly reduced specifications at a lower cost.

Liu commented that the primary customer base for Vision Pro is likely to be developers and high-end users. Through collaboration with developers, Apple aims to connect with its existing device application ecosystem, creating a new visionOS App ecosystem and generating more exclusive content. However, regarding the Taiwanese consumer market, challenges such as limited marketing and purchasing channels for XR devices, inconvenience in experiencing the product, and existing impressions related to discomfort, lack of suitable space, and insufficient content for XR headsets need to be addressed to facilitate widespread adoption.

Survey Methodology: The survey was conducted in Q4 2023 through online questionnaires, spanning one month with a sample size of 1,068 respondents. At a 95% confidence level, the sampling error is ±3.0%.

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