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Increasing Disparity in Demand Between Uber Eats and Foodpanda, Market Strategies Emphasize Positioning and Differentiation in Taiwan: MIC
February 26, 2024

In a recent report released by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), insights into the preferences of consumers in Taiwan's delivery market reveal noteworthy trends. The top two players, foodpanda and Uber Eats, maintain their leading positions, with foodpanda experiencing a modest growth of 2.4%, while Uber Eats sees a slight decrease of 1.2%. The third to fifth positions are secured by PXGo!, foodomo, and ShopeeFood, respectively.

Senior Industry Analyst, Robin Hu, points out that the usage gap between foodpanda and Uber Eats narrowed to 12.4% in 2022 but expanded to 16% in 2023, approaching the 17% gap observed in 2021. This suggests emerging differences and positioning strategies in the market operations of these two major players.

Consumers' most frequently used delivery platforms in the past year (Multiple choices)

Source: MIC, February 2024

Across all age groups, foodpanda consistently ranks as the most frequently used delivery platform. Notably, in the 18-25 and 36-45 age groups, usage rates surpass 77%. Among the 56-65 age group, Uber Eats emerges as the most frequently used platform, with the 36-45 age group recording the lowest usage rates.

Differences in marketing strategies, such as spokesperson choices, also impact customer preferences. Notably, the age of 45 appears to be a significant turning point, with usage gaps between foodpanda and Uber Eats reaching up to 20% in the 18-45 age group. In the 46-65 age group, the difference in usage rates between the two is less than 1%.

This comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of Taiwan's delivery market, aiding businesses and stakeholders in understanding market trends and consumer behavior.

About Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC):

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