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Taiwan's Delivery Market Exhibits Polarized Trends: 71% of Internet Users Utilize Delivery Services, Subscription Grows by 5% in 2023 - MIC
February 26, 2024

According to findings of the Delivery Survey Report released by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), 71% of internet users utilized delivery services in 2023, marking a slight decrease of 2.3% compared to 2022. Within the user base, subscription memberships of major delivery service platforms experienced a modest growth of 5%, reaching 38.5%. Among users of different age groups, those aged 26-35 and 46-55 both showed subscription rates exceeding 40%, with the latter seeing an almost 10% increase in new subscribers in 2023, the largest growth across all age groups for the year. Senior industry analyst Robin Hu commented that while there is an overall increasing trend in subscription memberships, simultaneously, there is a rise in passive users. The delivery market is gradually moving towards an M-shaped pattern, with active users and members more inclined to join subscriptions and continue using services, while passive users are leaning towards returning to physical options, potentially even canceling existing subscriptions.

Consumer's average monthly usage frequency of delivery platforms in the past year (Single choice)

Note 1: Valid samples include 125 responses from individuals aged 18 to 25, 164 from those aged 26 to 35, 175 from the 36 to 45 age group, 153 from the 46 to 55 age group, and 142 from the 56 to 65 age group.

Note 2: Figures within parentheses indicate the percentage change in 2023 compared to 2022.

Source: MIC, February 2024

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