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Mobile Communications - Synnex to Invest in India's Redington
November 19, 2004
As part of its global expansion, the largest Taiwanese channel player Synnex recently announced its intention to invest US$24 million in Redington, seeking a 36.3% stake. The move marks Synnex's second wave of aggressively reaching overseas markets after it started to enter China, Hong Kong, Australia, and Thailand from 1997.


Based in Chnnai, Redington is the second largest electronics distributor in India, with 31 branches, 39 services centers, and 42 warehousing units across the country. The company also operates in Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, and Nigeria.


Under the deal, Synnex will first introduce devices from suppliers such as Acer and Seagate and, if appropriate, offer support to Redinton's finance and logistical technology.