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Data Communications - Japanese Device Broadcasts HDTV Over IP
November 18, 2004
The quest to bring HDTV (High-Definition-Television) to the Internet took a step toward realization this week as Japanese broadcast equipment maker Media Links announced that it has developed a device that can transmit high-definition video signals over public IP (Internet-Protocol) networks. 


The device, known as MD-6000IP, is seen as a real boon to potential HDTV customers as it provides a very low-cost method for transmitting HDTV signals over IP networks. The MD-6000IP has a built-in chip that can quickly convert 10Gbps data stream into addressed packets for broadcasting over IP networks via routers.


Media Links' plans to roll out the MD-6000IP sometime during fiscal 2005. The device will sell for around 15 million yen (approximately US$144, 405; 1 USD = 104.091 JPY). The company's marketing strategy is particularly focused on meeting the demand of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in which large volumes of high-definition video will be broadcast from China.