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Mobile Communications - Flextronics Acquires Emuzed
November 15, 2004
Major EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) provider Flextronics recently announced the acquisition of US-based Emuzed, which bases its research team of some 200 developers in India's Bangalore and Chennai. Details of the acquisition have yet to be disclosed.


Aiming to expand its foothold in the Indian telecom software sector, Flextronics has been aggressively taking over local software service companies. Before Emuzed, which supplies mobile multimedia technology and solutions, companies such as Hughes Software, FutureSoft, and Deccanet were also acquired. Emuzed is different among the four in that it concentrates on IP licensing of its technology to mobile vendors.


Emuzed primarily supplies to OEM's (Original Equipment Makers) and ODM's (Original Design Manufacturers) of PCs, consumer electronics, and security and surveillance systems. Its customer portfolio includes Nokia and Panasonic.