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Mobile Communications - Compal-C's Nanjing Plant Kicks off
November 10, 2004
Compal-C recently announced the completion of its new plant in Nanjing Jiagning Development Zone, seen as another firm step toward business expansion. Once hitting mass production, the factory will be responsible for all handset production in the future, marking a complete production migration from Taiwan to China. Taiwan will become Compal-C's operational and research center and the Taiwan production site will be used for pilot production of new handsets.


The initial capacity at the Nanjing site is expected to reach 1.5 million units a month and will be expanded to 2.5 million units. The completion of second-story facilities will add another three million to 3.5 million units in the future, driving up the monthly capacity to approximately six million units.


Compal-C also plans to set up an R&D center in Nanjing for software development and testing. The research team will be expanded from 100 people to 300 in three years' time.