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Over 70% of Taiwanese Netizens Prefer to Purchase from General Online Retail Websites, Competing Head-to-head with Physical Stores: MIC
July 31, 2023

Taiwan's e-commerce industry faces challenges in the post-pandemic era, due to the back-to-work trend, as reported by Commercial Daily News on July 31. Revenue in 2022, therefore, experienced a noticeable slowdown, reaching only 8.7%, a significant drop from the 18.3% growth in 2021. Despite these challenges, Momo continued to dominate the Taiwanese ecommerce market with a 33.3% share in 2022, becoming Taiwan's first online retailer to surpass NT$100B (approximately US$3.2B) in business scale. PChome followed closely with a market share of 13.8%

MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) provided statistics indicating that over 70% of netizens in Taiwan prefer to purchase from general online retail websites, while physical retailers garnered 36.2% of the preference. Additionally, convenience stores have become a popular choice for order pickups, with 81.8% of netizens opting for this option, while delivery-to-the-door services attracted 63.8% of netizens. In addition to Taiwan's own e-commerce websites, Taiwanese netizens frequently visit Taobao (20.6%), Japan's Rakuten (9.6%), and Amazon Japan (6.8%), as revealed by MIC. The rapid growth of Taiwan's e-commerce market has enabled it to compete head-to-head with physical stores, with online retailers offering a wide range of products and convenient shopping experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, ecommerce is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of retail in Taiwan.