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Taiwan Gives the Green Light to Autonomous Vehicle Road Test
December 07, 2018

Taiwan's Legislative Yuan approved the Bill of Unmanned Vehicle Technology Innovation and Experiment Act on November 30, freeing autonomous vehicles and drones from limits of some traffic regulations in Taiwan, China Times reported on December 1. The bill is response to the rising global trend toward unmanned vehicles which refer to cars, aircrafts, and ships and is applied to unmanned technologies for use in autonomous cars, drones, and autonomous boats. Designed based on the regulatory sandbox model, the legislation provide safe testbeds for the industry, academia, and research institutes to conduct innovative experiments on technologies, services, and operations related to unmanned vehicles. The experimental period is one-year, starting next year, but can be extended to maximum of four years. This has given a green light to many international autonomous vehicle developers to speed up their experiments in Taiwan. However, any applications, extension, and amendments of unmanned vehicle experiments will be reviewed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs within 60 days once being accepted.