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Flexium to Set Up New 5G Operation Center in Taiwan
September 21, 2018
Taiwanese Flexium Interconnect, a flexible PCB (Printed Circuit Board) supplier of Apple, recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Kaohsiung City Government to set up a new 5G network operation center at Kaohsiung Ho Fa Industrial Park, Southern Taiwan, the Economic Daily News reported on September 13. According to the contract, Flexium will invest NTD 100 billion (USD 3.35 billion; USD 1=NTD 30.8) into the center, which will undergo two construction phases. During the first phase, new factory construction will be completed and due for trial and mass production one year later to get ready for 5G developments in 2019 and 2020. The company expects to double the production capacity upon the completion of the second phase and creates 2,500 job opportunities. The new factory will focus on the development of new materials, facilities, and technologies associated with 5G communication applications. In addition, Flexium will also assemble Kaohusing's local wireless communication professionals to enhance the millimeter wave technology in Kaohsiung. Other than Flexium, other Apple’s PCB suppliers such as Compeq Manufacturing and Unimicron Technology recently have also made their investments in Taiwan.