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ZTE to Launch a 5G Smartphone in US Before 2019 at the Earliest
January 19, 2018

ZTE recently announced that it plans to release a 5G-enabled smartphone at the late 2018 or early 2019, according to Bloomberg Technology on January 12. However, whether the rollout plan will go as expected depend on the availability of 5G networks and the supply of the corresponding chips. Other than smartphones, a new 5G tablet or wireless internet hub for home may be also available. So far, ZTE has sold mobile phones in the United States through AT&T and Verizon. At the beginning of 2018, AT&T said it plans to deploy smartphone service based on 5G in 12 US cities this year, and if it succeeds, ZTE will likely to be greatly benefited as its 5G smartphone will be the first of its kind in the market, ahead of the schedule of its rivals Apple and Samsung.