Development Trends and Opportunities in the Global Smartphone Radio Frequency Industry (pre-order)
March 11, 2024 / Wayne Hsu
14 Page, Topical Report
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The global mobile communication radio frequency (RF) market has undergone significant changes with the advent of 5G communication. Qualcomm's introduction of a comprehensive solution from baseband to antenna has gradually positioned it alongside other traditional RF giants. Furthermore, in response to the escalation of the China-US trade war, China actively promotes local production capacity, achieving supply chain autonomy. Chinese RF manufacturers, riding on the growth of 5G communication and support from domestic smartphone manufacturers, are gradually achieving localization. This, however, presents a potential key factor hindering the development of leading RF companies. This report provides an overview of the global mobile communication wireless RF market, identify opportunities arising from the U.S. ban, and examines the impact of the Chinese players on the global landscape.
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