Semiconductor Supply Chain Management Issues from the Perspective of Earthquakes, Pandemics, and Geopolitics
March 07, 2024 / Jerry Peng / Sagitta Pan
5 Page, Radar


The semiconductor supply chain, intricately interconnected globally, encounters challenges stemming from region-specific political, economic, and environmental factors. Recent events, such as the Noto earthquake in Japan and the COVID-19 outbreak, underscore the vulnerabilities inherent in this supply chain. Natural disasters and infectious diseases disrupt semiconductor production and demand forecasts, resulting in chip shortages, as observed in the automotive industry during the pandemic. While the Noto earthquake had minimal global impact, it exposed the limitations of relying solely on Multinational Corporations (MNCs) for supply chain resilience. This article provides an overview of the impact of natural disasters, pandemics, and geopolitics on the semiconductor industry, along with five key factors for semiconductor companies considering overseas manufacturing plants.
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