Decoding Semiconductor Supply Chain Risks After the Noto Earthquake In Japan
January 19, 2024 / Kai-An Cheng / Sagitta Pan
10 Page, Topical Report
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The Noto Earthquake in Japan has had limited impact on local life and is unlikely to significantly affect semiconductor production in the region. Therefore, the impact on the global semiconductor supply chain, whether in Japan, Taiwan, or globally, is considered minimal. However, within the context of the globalized semiconductor ecosystem, the potential risks posed by natural disasters, pandemics, or geopolitical factors to the supply chain highlight the limitations of relying solely on multinational corporate strategies for resilience and risk mitigation. This report analyzes the possible effects of the Noto Earthquake on the global semiconductor industry and explores how digital transformation can enhance resilience in the face of such risks, emphasizing the need for a serious consideration of this challenge in the future.
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