2022 Recap and 2023 Development of the Taiwanese Industrial PC Industry (pre-order)
November 23, 2023 / Chih Chieh Yang / Catherine Hung
11 Page, Topical Report
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In 2022, Taiwan's industrial PC industry experienced a 22.9% year-on-year growth in shipment value. This surge was primarily attributed to the worldwide relaxation of pandemic restrictions and the smart transformation initiatives in the manufacturing and service sectors, significantly boosting the demand. However, during the first half of 2023, high inflation rates hit both the European and US markets, while China's post-pandemic recovery remained sluggish, leading to instability in the industry's development for the year. Nevertheless, the persistent demand for transformation, driven by infrastructure development in Europe and the US, along with China's declining birth rate, will continue to propel growth in the industrial PC industry. This report analyzes the 2022 developments in the industrial PC industry and examines the developmental trends among key players to offer insights into the industry's future.
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