Self-Sufficiency Policies in the Server Industry: A Comparative Analysis of the US, EU, and China (pre-order)
October 19, 2023 / Stephen Chen
27 Page, Topical Report
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Servers, integral to data center infrastructure, have become indispensable for national development in digital economy, military, and defense sectors. As the tensions in geopolitics and the US-China trade war escalate, the United States, China, and Europe have successively introduced policies to promote self-sufficiency policies in their server industry. These measures include incentives for research, development, and production, preferential market access, as well as regulations on origin of production, imports, exports, and technology. Several countries aim to prevent leakage of critical national technology through promoting self-sufficiency for their server industry. This report provides an in-depth exploration of the self-sufficiency policies in the server industry implemented by the United States, the European Union, and China
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