Display Driver IC Supply Chain Development (pre-order)
September 06, 2022 / Cynthia Yang / Catherine Hung
18 Page, Topical Report
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The increase in remote work opportunities amid COVID-19 bolstered the demand for notebook PCs in 2021 and the market enjoyed over 20% year-on-year shipment growth. This also boosted the demand for DDICs (Display Driver ICs) and led to an acute shortage of DDICs. The component shortage dampened the industry, both downstream and upstream. Since the first half of 2022, the consumer electronics market has been affected by several unfavorable factors such as the lockdowns in China due to the ongoing pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine War, and some in the global economy such as rising inflation. As a result, global demand for consumer electronics has reduced, leading to a plunge in panel prices. While DDIC suppliers are adjusting their inventory levels, foundries are also facing increasing pressure from customers who have begun to revise their orders downwards. This report provides an overview of the development of DDICs and stakeholders in the industry, and examines the capacity of foundries to look at the further development of the DDIC supply chain. 
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