Deployment Strategies of Eight Major Electronic Shelf Label Patent Assignees (pre-order)
June 17, 2021 / Rachel Liao / CATHERINE HUNG
31 Page, Topical Report
US$2,200 (Single User License)


Electronic shelf labels replace traditional paper labels and solve the most time-consuming and labor-intensive price labeling process in physical stores. Hardware specifications of electronic shelf labels include multi-color display, low temperature support, LED flashing, low power consumption, and wireless charging, in cooperation with wireless two-way communication technology and cloud platforms. Electronic shelf labels thus can help retailers go one-step further towards becoming a smart retail store by helping them realize multiple scenarios, such as flexible promotions, flexible pricing, inventory management, consumer behavior predictions, and omni-channel development. This report focuses on patent publications of electronic shelf labels in the past 20 years, and examines patent publications and technical layout of the top eight patentees, including NCR, Pricer AB, Solum, Samsung, Toshiba, Walmart, Japan Display, and BOE.
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