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Development of Global Healthcare AI Startups and Their Deployment Strategies (pre-order)
June 09, 2021 / Haohao Chang / CATHERINE HUNG / Patrick Wu
32 Page, Topical Report
US$2,500 (Single User License)


AI technology has been increasingly adopted in the healthcare sector. Apart from the aggressive investment of leading international ICT companies, healthcare AI startups have speeded up the use of algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning to drive the development of AI technologies including CV (Computer Vision), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and voice recognition and expand to various sub-sectors of healthcare AI. This report provides an overview of the development of healthcare AI startups by compiling the amount of capital raised by AI startups and the number of AI startups in different sub-sectors; looks into international and Taiwanese healthcare AI startups’ deployment strategies and their capital; examines outlook for the AI healthcare sector.
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