Analysis of the Huawei's Ban Impact on its Supply Chain
October 13, 2020 / Zouhao, Shen
16 Page, Topical Report
US$1,400 (Single User License)


The U.S.-China tech cold war is escalating sharply, with Huawei the main target of Washington's sanctions. The U.S. first imposed a ban on Huawei in 2019 and has since upped the ante considerably. The new ban imposed in August 2020 could deal a lethal blow to Huawei, since it bars the company from using any U.S. semiconductor technology, which includes manufacturing equipment used to make chips. This is a worrying development for manufacturers of Huawei. This report provides an overview of the Huawei’s ban impact on its supply chain in China, the U.S, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, and their reactions to the ban; examines supply chain changes and consequences following the ban.
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