Impact of Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak on the Cross-Strait IT and Semiconductor Industry (pre-order)
February 10, 2020 / Chris Hung / Jay Yang / Sagitta Pan / Edward Lin / Eddie Han
15 Page, Topical Report
US$800 (Single User License)


China’s coronavirus outbreak, first found in Wuhan, has got out of hand in China in 2020, leading to a further global spread and panic. To encounter the situation, the Chinese government has prohibited any transportations between provinces and delayed construction and production plans to stop further outbreak. This is to directly affect companies which have their production bases in China, especially Taiwanese companies. This also has a great impact on Taiwanese shipments to China and vice versa. This report provides scenarios analysis in the best-, most likely-, and worse-case scenarios, assesses the impact on the supply and market sides corresponding to these scenarios, and examines the possible impact on the cross-strait IT and semiconductor industries. 
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