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Impact of Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak on the Global ICT Industry (pre-order)
February 06, 2020 / Dr. Victor Tsan / Mei-Hui Lu / --
13 Page, Topical Report
US$500 (Single User License)


Due to early neglect and cover-ups of the Chinese government, a new type of pneumonia outbreak, now known as Wuhan coronavirus, has taken place in China since last year. The Chinese lunar new year travel rush in the early 2020 also deteriorated the situation by causing this epidemic disease to spread faster across China and the world. Thus far, the Chinese government has locked down three cities of Wuhan, Huanggan and Ezhou, suspend large-scale events, and delay the start of the construction to slow down coronavirus outbreak within China. This report analyzes the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak on China and the global ICT industry and economy; looks into possible development predictions and market opportunities.
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