Analysis of Taiwanese Consumer Buying Behavior towards Cosmetics
July 16, 2019 / Rosa Chang
50 Page, Symposium
US$2,000 (Single User License)


Taipei-based government-backed research institute MIC (Market Intelligence& Consulting Institute) of III (Institute for Information Industry) conducted a questionnaire-based survey on Taiwanese consumers in the fourth quarter of 2018 to ascertain their views on buying cosmetics online. Cosmetics surveyed include skin care, makeup, and face washing and cleansing products. This reports provides an in-depth analysis of consumers’ product, brand, and channel preference rankings for skin care, makeup, and face washing and cleansing products, identify which age group and gender of consumers enjoy to purchase cosmetics online the most, and examines main reasons behind consumers’ decision to buy cosmetics online and what have prevented them from doing so.
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