Consumer Electronics
Analysis of Taiwanese Consumer Buying Behavior towards Fast-moving Consumer Goods
July 16, 2019 / Rosa Chang
55 Page, Symposium
US$2,000 (Single User License)


Taipei-based government-backed research institute MIC (Market Intelligence& Consulting Institute) of III (Institute for Information Industry) conducted a questionnaire-based survey on Taiwanese consumers in the fourth quarter of 2018 to ascertain their views on buying fast-moving consumer goods online. Fast-moving consumer goods surveyed include toiletries, household cleaners, and packaged food and beverages. This reports provides an in-depth analysis of consumers’ product, brand, and channel preference rankings for three major fast-moving consumer goods, identify which information and shopping channels consumers enjoy to purchase fast-moving consumer goods online, and examines main reasons behind consumers’ decision to buy fast-moving consumer goods online and what have prevented them from doing so.
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