Taiwan ICT Newsletter, Issue 5, December 2014
December 12, 2014 /
14 Page, Taiwan ICT Newsletter


1. Taiwan ICT News Scan  Taiwan Boasts the World's Fastest 4G Subscriber Growth Taiwan's Industrial Production Index Posts New High in October Taiwanese Software Market to Stand at NT$77.7 Billion in 2017: MIC III, ECE Introduce ECSA to Taiwan's Cloud Computing Industry Innolux to Double Capital Expenditure in 2015 Inotera Memories to Spend NT$50 Billion on 20-nm Process Technology in 2015 Largan to Invest NT$20.5 Billion for Capacity Expansion in Taiwan CHT Joins Forces with Foreign Operators for Submarine Cable Construction ASUS ZenWatch Hits the US Market  Acer Smartphones Gaining Mojo in Southeast Asia  ASE to Raise US$400 Million for Advanced Process Technology    2. ICT Highlights  IFA 2014 Observation Highlights: Notebook PC    3. Statistics Snapshots  Taiwanese Notebook PC Shipment Volume Anticipates Slower Decline in 4Q 2014: MIC    4. III Solution: Floor Space Ratio Used as Incentive Scheme to Encourage Fiber Infrastructure in New Construction Projects in Kaohsiung  Foreword  Why Fiber Broadband Infrastructure in Kaohsiung?  Space Floor Ratio Acted as Incentive Scheme in Kaohsiung  Benefits of Promoting  Conclusion   5. III Solution: Electronic Documents & Records Management System (EDRMS)  Introduction  Background in Implementing an EDRMS Solution  Problems Encountered without EDRMS  Key Benefits of EDRMS  Key Considerations for Successful EDRMS Operations  G2B Communication with Government   
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