Edge AI Ecosystem Shaping: Constructing New Software Service Channels (pre-order)
September 04, 2023 / Danny Kuo
16 Page, Topical Report
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In response to the growing need for real-time inference results in various AI application scenarios, the traditional practice of running inference in the cloud has gradually become inadequate in meeting the requirements for immediacy. Consequently, the industry has begun advocating for the relocation of inference workloads to the edge, enabling them to be executed in close proximity to where they are needed. This paradigm is known as Edge Artificial Intelligence (Edge AI). In recent years, many international brands have actively entered the Edge AI space, highlighting its significance in the market. Moreover, Edge AI differs slightly from the traditional information software industry in terms of sales channels and development models. Therefore, existing software companies and information service providers need to make adjustments to seize the growth opportunities in this evolving landscape.
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