Future Trends and Opportunities of Wearable Smart Devices in 2013 and Beyond
October 16, 2013 / Jeremy Huang
38 Page, Symposium
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The consumer market has leaned toward smart devices, with a wide range of services and applications being developed, including those for wearable smart devices As screen sizes of smartphones continue to inch up, small-sized and wearable devices that are either service-oriented or with extended functions have room for development Smart services can be divided into three sectors: apps, wearable devices, new smart products; wearable devices with smart functions is the combination of services and technologies to help vendors set foot into the smart device market Only companies with strong brand image, big cloud computing capability and large scale service resources stand a chance of developing a smart device with internet connection, for example, Google’s smart glasses; otherwise, wearable smart devices and services are better be positioned as extended or auxiliary gadgets instead of a standalone device with Internet connection  
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