Development Trends of Touch Panels Used in Notebook PCs, 2013 and Beyond
August 02, 2013 / Chung-Yu Yang
16 Page, Topical Report
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The rollout of Microsoft's next generation Windows 8 in the fourth quarter of 2012 has helped propelled the development of projected capacitive touch panels towards medium- and large-sized panel applications such as notebook PC and AIO (All In One) PC. Pricing is generally reckoned as the main inhibitor to Windows 8 notebook PC sales. Later, Microsoft launched a new program called SST (Small Screen Touch) to narrow the price gap between touch and conventional notebook PCs in order to push sales of touch gadgets. Both glass- and film-type touch panel makers also have proposed their proprietary solutions. This report provides the latest development of touch panels used in notebook PCs and examines their future trends with insight into pros and cons.
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