The Innolux-CMO Merger: Strategic Implications for Small- and Medium-size Panel Operations
November 19, 2009 / Pei-Fen Hsieh
6 Page, Radar
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In the past two months, Innolux has announced mergers with TPO and CMO. These mergers will result in major changes in the Taiwanese panel industry. However, in the small- and medium-size panel industry companies cannot solely rely on conglomerates' outsourcing production clients; they have to expand their business externally to safeguard their market position. After incorporating the small- and medium-size TFT panel production lines of the aforementioned two companies, Innolux will be the global leader in terms of production capacity surface area. This report analyzes the strategic implications of the Innolux-CMO merger for small- and medium-size panel operations.
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