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Outlook for China's Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Fuel Cell Vehicle Markets (pre-order)
April 15, 2021 / John Chen / CATHERINE HUNG
35 Page, Topical Report
US$2,000 (Single User License)


Since the 1950s, hydrogen fuel cells have been successfully used in aerospace applications. As cell technology advances, fuel cells have been widely adopted due to their high energy efficiency, sustainability, and low noise levels. Transportation has become a major application area for hydrogen fuel cells in the downstream segment and is expected to grow further. Fuel cell vehicles can make up for the weaknesses of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicle). Currently, China leads the world in hydrogen production. Due to the government’s carbon emission reduction targets and the advantages of using hydrogen fuel cells in commercial vehicles, China has long focused on the development of hydrogen energy, fuel cells, and FCEVs. This report provides an overview of fuel cell development, looks at government policy and industrial development of fuel cell and FCEV (Full Cell EV) in China, and examines their future development.
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