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Data Spotlight: The Worldwide Motherboard Industry, 4Q 2014
November 05, 2014 / Evelyn Chang
13 Page, Statistics Report


In the third quarter of 2014, the worldwide motherboard industry's shipment volume reached around 38.0 million units, up 3.3% sequentially, thanks to new platform launch and slipping prices. In particular, pure motherboard shipment share grew by 0.9 percentage point sequentially in the third quarter, from 53.9% to 54.8%, due mainly to Intel's launch of the K-series processors with overclocking potential, which is attractive to DIY computer users. The industry's ASP grew slightly in the third quarter to US$43.2 and its shipment value totaled around US$1.6 billion in the third quarter, up 3.8% sequentially. As first-tier motherboard vendors continue the price war to consolidate their market share, the worldwide motherboard industry's ASP is expected to inch down to US$43 in the fourth quarter, with a total shipment value of around US$1.6 billion, down 1.2% sequentially.
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