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Insight into the Taiwanese Smartphone High Value-added Components Industry
November 07, 2011 / Eddie Han
12 Page, Topical Report
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The global Smartphone industry has entered into a fast growth phase. In 2010, the shipment volume of the global Smartphone industry topped 290.0 million units, one third of which were made by Taiwanese manufacturers. It is anticipated that global Smartphone shipment volume will hit approximately 450 million units in 2011, up around 55% compared to 2010. Global Smartphone shipment value is expected to break US$100 billion mark. Apple and HTC Smartphones are both manufactured by Taiwanese makers, which normally shoulder around 90% of the total Taiwanese Smartphone industry shipment. This report profiles the current status of high value-added components used for Smartphones and provides insight into the Taiwanese Smartphone high value-added components industry.
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