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The Impact of iPad on the Taiwanese IC Design House Industry
June 30, 2011 / Cindy Gu / Yaru Shih
10 Page, Radar
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In April 2010 Apple released the iPad, which swept the market of its feet by achieving a sale record of 15.0 million units within the first three quarters after launch. With a flux of companies rushing into the development of tablet devices, the tablet market is expected to enter the growth phase faster than expected. In 2015, the tablet market volume is estimated to reach 98.81 million units, thereby driving the market growth of corresponding ICs. Nevertheless, the growing popularity of tablet devices has begun having its negative effect on some mobile PC markets. As the Taiwanese IC design house industry's share of the total market topped around 20%, next only to the United States, it would merit a closer look at several determinant factors affecting and/or due to affect the Taiwanese industry in 2011 and beyond.
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