Communications - Mobile Handheld Devices Application IC
ZigBee Chipmakers' Application Development Trends and Strategies on the Internet of Things
December 27, 2010 / Shao-Hua Tang
17 Page, Symposium
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ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 was selected by the US Department of Energy and the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) as an initial interoperable standard for HAN (Home Access Network) in 2009, allowing ZigBee to spur development in HAN environment. The ZigBee standard evolves slowly due to the fact that a large amount of members, which are mainly ICT companies, have conflicts of interests and therefore ZigBee members require longer time to reach mutual consensus. With the IOT (Internet Of Things) concept, the completeness of MCU (Microcontroller) products and technologies determines customer demands; customers prefer companies who possess MCU manufacturing capabilities in order to reduce integration time; MCU shipment thus has some effects on ZigBee product shipments. This report profiles ZigBee IP architecture and applications and efforts of ZigBee chipmakers such as TI, Ember, and Freescale to push the development of the IOT in terms of applications and strategies.
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