Communications - Mobile Handheld Devices Application IC
MediaTek's Strategies for Application Software Platform Development
October 28, 2009 / Chia-Wei Chang
8 Page, Radar
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In March 2009, MediaTek signed an agreement with the Chinese software company Vogins to jointly roll out the VRE (Virtual Runtime Environment) embedded middleware solution developed for MediaTek's chipsets. Furthermore, in September 2009, MediaTek announced that it would cooperate with the mobile phone software developer SPB. These moves will give application software developers more room for development. Meanwhile, Qualcomm and Microsoft have also rolled out application software development platforms, and application software has become a focus area in mobile phone development. This report analyzes MediaTek's strategies for application software platform operations, and analyzes MediaTek's competitive standing in relation to other companies, such as Qualcomm and Microsoft.
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