Rethinking Wireless Router Providers' Cybersecurity Strategies after the FTC Case Against D-Link
May 02, 2017 / Yi-Hua Shen
9 Page, Topical Report
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In early 2017, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) filed a lawsuit against D-Link, a major wireless router brand in Taiwan, for failing to take reasonable steps to secure its wireless routers and IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, leaving consumers vulnerable to hackers. This however is not the first time for the FTC to sue a networking equipment provider. In 2014, the agency sued ASUS, another Taiwan-based wireless router vendor, over product security flaws, and entered into a settlement with the company later on. As the FTC takes one after another networking equipment provider to court, it is recommended that companies follow the lawsuits closely, and examine their own security practices.  
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