Research Reports
In order to provide our customers with a flexible and direct way of accessing our research, MIC offers Research Reports, enabling our customers to buy individual MIC reports to meet specific needs. Research Reports cover a wide array of ICT industries and provide analysis of industry value-chains, and competitive and strategy analyses. MIC Research Reports also include research on the macroeconomic environment, ICT industry policies, and consumer behavior in the Asian market. They will deepen your insight into Asian ICT industries and provide you with the essential tools to stay ahead of the competition.

MIC's Research Reports come in the following categories: Computing, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Display, Consumer Behavior, IT Spending & Practices.

MIC's Computing research covers worldwide notebook PC, desktop PC, server, motherboard, and motherboard application IC sectors, focusing on product development, industry trends, and market analysis.

MIC's Communications research covers diverse topics, such as industry and market trends of mobile handheld devices including basic/feature phones and smart cellular devices, as well as application ICs; mobile content and service models; DSL, VoIP, and IPTV industry analysis and forecasts, including vendors' development strategies and service models; worldwide WiMAX market updates and major WiMAX equipment vendors' development strategies and competitive analysis.

MIC's Consumer Electronics research comprises a wide range of products, including digital still camera, mobile phone camera module, compact camera module image sensor, IP STB, cable STB, digital terrestrial STB, and satellite STB.

In the Display area, MIC's research coverage includes the following: worldwide large-area TFT-LCD panel industry statistics, analysis, and forecasts; worldwide small- and medium-size TFT-LCD panel industry statistics, analysis, and forecasts; major TFT-LCD panel makers' product development and competitive strategies; digital photo frame product development, vendor strategies, and shipment forecasts; small- and medium-size TFT-LCD application IC market trends; Taiwanese and worldwide LCD TV industry statistics and product strategies.

MIC's Consumer Behavior research mainly focuses on the Taiwanese and Chinese markets, addressing the following aspects:
. Consumer demand for devices
. Decision-making process for purchases
. Consumer views on price and brand
. Awareness of and attitudes towards devices
. Lifestyle analysis

MIC's IT Spending & Practices research focuses on Taiwanese enterprises' current investments in and future demand for ICT technologies, enterprises' adoption of ICT products and services as well as their awareness of the leading brands in respective market sectors. Research topics include IT hardware and software, network communications, IT outsourcing, and information security. MIC analysts make use of enterprise surveys and other research methods to project business opportunities of the enterprise market, outline marketing strategies for ICT vendors, and provide references for corporate evaluation of ICT investments.

Research Reports include several report types, including statistical reports, topical reports, and Monographs. Statistical reports offer the latest market and industry statistics through quarterly spreadsheets. Topical reports are topical publications examining key technological, competitive and market trends, while Monographs are comprehensive research collections that give wide-ranging insight on various topics.

Through MIC Store's Research Reports you are able to browse the most recent research findings published by MIC, and choose one or more of our reports according to your specific needs. You can buy these reports directly online, or if you require more information to determine which MIC research findings best fulfill your needs, you can contact one of MIC's program executives for more detail.