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Chinese Server Market Volume Was Estimated at 1.08 Million in 2013 With A Year-On-Year Growth Of 8.8%: MIC
January 17, 2014

China has become the world's second largest server market. Driven by the cloud computing policy, the growth in the server market has been flourishing. According to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), Chinese server market volume was estimated at 1.08 million in 2013 and witnessed 8.8% year-on-year, higher than the global average.

For years the Chinese server market has been dominated by international brands and the combined share of three international brands, namely IBM, Dell and HP, has topped over 70% of the total server shipments. The situation has been slightly different since 2013 as Chinese branded vendors have grown aggressively. In addition, Chinese brands including Lenovo, Huawei, Inspur and Sugon have been pouring investments into their server business. Chinese homegrown server shipment volume is anticipated to see significant growth in the future as the government's policy has demanded the increase in adoption of Chinese homegrown server systems to push China toward self-sufficiency.

HP, Dell and IBM continued to be major server vendors in the global server market as of the second quarter of 2013. In the second half of 2013 and later, it is found that except Dell which still managed to sustain slight annual growth, HP and IBM saw their server shipment volumes decline. On the contrary, shipment growth of leading Chinese server brands including Huawei, Inspur and Sugon have seen higher growth, especially Inspur, which has moved all the way to the fifth place in the global server shipment volume ranking.

Chinese Server Shipment Volume, 2011- 2017

Source: MIC, January 2014

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