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Worldwide Smartphone Quarterly Shipments Grow to 250 Million Units in 3Q13: MIC
September 05, 2013


Chinese branded vendors Huawei and ZTE are maintaining a quarterly shipment volume of around 10 million units respectively, while Lenovo's shipment volume exceeds 10 million.

According to Taiwan's MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), an ICT industry research institute based in Taipei, worldwide mobile phone shipment volume reached around 434.7 million units in the second quarter of 2013, of which smartphones accounted for approximately 51.7% at 224.6 million units, outnumbering that of feature phones. Instead of top-ranking branded vendors like Apple and Samsung, the major force propelling the smartphone shipments mainly came from late comers in the industry, such as LG, Sony, Lenovo, and second-tier branded vendors and white-box vendors in China.

Apple's foray into mid-range market to threaten the survival of existing players, noted Edward Lin, Senior Industry Analyst, Mobile Communications. "Apple's plan to unveil a low-cost model, iPhone 5C, in September 2013 will cause greater uncertainties in the mid-range market. Judging from the suspected specs of iPhone 5C, the product is designed primarily for emerging countries." "However, iPhone 5C's expected price at between US$400 to US$500 is relatively high to smartphone users in emerging countries. It is expected that iPhone 5C will mainly target at smartphone users who appreciate Apple's brand image and seek for a replacement of their existing phones, instead of first-time smartphone buyers".

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