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MIC Conference: ICT Industry and Solar Business Outlook Conference: Key Trends in Q3 and Q4 2010
July 01, 2010

Conference Information

MIC 2010 ICT Industry and Solar Business Outlook Conference will take place on 1 July at 1pm in Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei. The latest MIC insights and foresights on Computing Systems Industry, Display Industry, Multimedia Consumer Electronics Industry, Mobile & Network Communications Industry and Solar Business Industry will be presented.

During the conference, industrial sales reports in Q1 and Q2 2010 and the market trend forecasts for the following two quarters regarding five key ICT Industry sections - including the hottest Solar Business- will be released. Moreover, current concerns, such as (1) the key components of driving new interests to the future of ICT industry; (2) Taiwan's significant advantages and disadvantages of becoming a formidable rival to other potential competitors, especially China; and (3) the possibilities of Taiwan's making a distinguished shift with its previous character, will all be illustrated. While MIC has been highly reputed in providing an in-depth, provisional, professional and multi-dimensional insight of Asia's ICT Industry, this is definitely the best opportunity to capture an Asia picture of today's ICT Industry.

Conference Outline


Sessional Topic





Computing Systems

In this section, premier insights on NB PC, NeB PC, DT PC, Motherboard, and Tablet PC markets will be shown with positive research data. Lucrative trends to the future will also be targeted.

Team Research Manager:

Chris Wei



Leading analyses of Large TFT LCD Panel and Small & Medium LCD Panel displays, LCD TV, and LCD TV Application IC markets will be targeted. In addition, current interests to LED, 3D, and Touch functions will also be focused.

Team Research Manager:

Charles Chou


Multimedia Consumer Electronics

How will the MCE market develop within the post financial crisis era? While iPad has overturned eReader's global markets, do other popular MCE commodities- such as DSC, ODD and CCM- have the same growing potential? Issues as such will be tackled in this section.

Team Research Manager:

Chris Hung


Break: Teatime


Mobile & Network Communications

Crucial agendas regarding mobile and network communications will be dissected into three dimensions: Global, Home Use and Enterprise. Other essential themes, i.e. 4G (LTE & WiMAX), Low Cost Smartphone, Android, Femtocell, Integrated Phone Chips (BT+WLAN+GPS), and China's Mobile Phone Industry will also be underlined.

Team Research Manager:

Welber Chang


Solar Business

MIT professional consultant will predict about the hot Solar Business in Asia Markets will be the main concern. Particular focus will be placed on the influences to the innovative new installations in this renewable energy and the possible strategies of that to the dramatic PV Industry.

Team Research Manager:

Sean Kao


About the Speakers Computing Systems Professional

*          Chris Wei

*          Research Manager and Senior Industry Analyst

Chris Wei's research focuses on the IT hardware industry, including motherboard and desktop PC industries and the notebook PC industry. He has participated in projects commissioned by the Department of Education of the Taipei City government and by Taiwan's National Science Council. Mr. Wei has an MBA degree from Chung Yuan Christian University, focusing on marketing and strategic management.

*          Latest Work:

The Taiwanese Desktop PC Industry, 2Q 2010  (June 24, 2010)

Data Spotlight: The Taiwanese Desktop PC Industry, 2Q 2010  (June 2, 2010) Display Professional

*          Charles Chou

*          Research Manager and Senior Industry Analyst

Charles Chou currently focuses on FPD industry trends and technology development. He has conducted research on industrial PCs, notebook PCs and FPD TV. He previously worked at Hotai Motors-Toyota's main agent in Taiwan-where he focused on mid- to long-term planning of the Lexus brand, market surveys, service point planning, and distributor management.

*          Latest Work:

The Innolux-CMO Merger: Impact on the Large-size LCD Panel and LCD TV Assembly Industries  (November 20, 2009) Multimedia Consumer Electronics Professional

*          Chris Hung

*          Research Consultant and Senior Industry Analyst

Chris Hung specializes in multimedia consumer electronics and digital home research. Other research areas include macro-economic analysis, the network communications industry and digital audio and video products. He has participated in many research projects, involving topics such as the Taiwanese digital content market, online entertainment, lifestyle service platforms on the Internet, ambient home, increasing the added value of industries, and SoC semiconductors. Prior to MIC, he was manager in the research department of a securities firm.

*          Latest Work:

Output of Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry to Reach Approx. US$35 Billion in 2009, Says MIC  (September 25, 2009) Network Communications Professional

*          Welber Chang

*          Research Consultant and Senior Industry Analyst

Welber Chang's research areas include WiMAX, FTTx, VoIP, home networks, digital home, broadband, and innovative mobile applications. He has supervised MIC's WiMAX research for the M-Taiwan project of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs. Prior to MIC, he worked at AOC, TSMC, and Teco.

*          Latest Work:

The Apple iPad: Key Apps, Cooperation Strategies with Mobile Operators, Component Supply Chain  (February 9, 2010) Solar Business Professional

*          Sean Kao

*          Research Consultant and Senior Industry Analyst

During his time at MIC, Sean Kao has held a variety of roles and conducted research in a large number of industry sectors, including the Greater Chinese PC industry, the mobile phone industry, and overall industry competitiveness in Greater China and other regions in Asia. He obtained an APIAA certification in 2005. Mr. Kao previously worked in the General Manager's office at Compal.

*          Latest work:

China's Solar Photovoltaic Industry Development: Major Forecasts, Industry Trends and Key Companies (2010 Edition)  (May 28, 2010)


Notes to the Editor

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