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Taiwanese Smartphone Industry Shipment Reaches New High in 4Q 2009, According to MIC
January 28, 2010

According to research of the Taipei-based Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) conducted as part of the ITIS project, Taiwanese Smartphone industry shipment volume in the fourth quarter of 2009 is estimated at 16.93 million units, growing 33.5% sequentially and 76.3% year-on-year. Taiwanese Smartphone industry shipment value in the fourth quarter of 2009 is estimated at US$4.78 billion. ASP (Average Selling Price) fell US$13 in the fourth quarter to US$283.

According to MIC Industry Analyst Joyce Chen, "growth momentum for the industry's shipment volume in the fourth quarter of 2009 came from a strong sales performance of HTC models in North America. Furthermore, the Pixi, produced by CCI for Palm, had significant shipments in the fourth quarter, and RIM orders for Wistron also started shipments in the fourth quarter."

As many EDGE models had reached the latter stages of their product lifecycle, the shipment share of EDGE models in the Taiwanese industry continued to decline in fourth quarter. Stimulated by shipments of the HTC Droid Eris (supplied to Verizon Wireless), HTC Hero (supplied to Verizon Wireless), the Palm Pre, and Palm Pixi, CDMA shipment share increased. The HSPA shipment share remained stable in the fourth quarter. The TD-SCDMA shipment share increased slightly in the fourth quarter as HTC launched the new model Qilin. "With China Mobile continuing to increase the number of 3G users in China, it is expected that vendors such as HTC, Dell, and Lenovo will continue to launch TD-SCDMA models in the future in order to gain market share. In the future, the TD-SCDMA shipment share in the Taiwanese industry is expected to grow", said Ms. Chen.

As several models with significant shipment volumes in the fourth quarter, such as the HTC Droid Eris, the Nexus One, and Palm Pixi, had relatively low prices, the Taiwanese industry's ASP fell in the fourth quarter of 2009. Due to shipment growth of the Palm Pixi in the fourth quarter, the shipment share of products priced below US$200 increased. Products in the US$201-US$350 price range still constitute the majority of shipments. Finally, the shipment share of products priced above US$351 grew slightly in the fourth quarter due to shipments of RIM models, the HTC HD2 and the Sony Ericsson X2.


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