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Taiwan's Communications Equipment Industry Expected to Grow 45% in 2008, According to MIC
July 31, 2008

According to MIC (Market Intelligence Center, Taiwan), an ICT industry research institute based in Taipei, in 2008 the Taiwanese communications equipment industry is expected to grow despite rising oil prices and the subprime mortgage crisis. Shipment value of the industry is expected to increase 45% annually to US$33.1 billion. Major growth momentum in the industry is expected to come from smart cellular devices, GPS (Global Positioning System) and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) equipment.

In 2009, the global communications equipment industry is expected to reach a shipment value of approximately US$310 billion, while the shipment value of the Taiwanese industry is expected to continue growing and reach approximately US$40.4 billion in 2009. 63% of the Taiwanese industry's value growth is expected to be contributed by smart cellular devices, 10% by digital STBs, and 7% by broadband CPE. The remaining 20% growth is forecasted to be contributed by emerging products such as WiMAX, femto AP, PON, IP cameras etc.

Note: the Taiwanese communications equipment industry includes smart cellular devices, GPS (PND, GPS PDA), basic/feature phone, WLAN NIC, DSL CPE, switch, cable modem, E-MTA, SOHO router, VoIP-TA, Bluetooth, cable STB, IAD, terrestrial STB, VoIP router, IP phone, power line products, optical active component, optical passive component, satellite STB, IP camera, PON equipment, UWB, IP STB, WiMAX CPE, enterprise VoIP gateway, femtocell AP, Zigbee, 3G data cards etc.


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