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MIC Survey Reveals 82% of the Public in Taiwan Interest in Generative AI Applications
January 31, 2024

In a recent survey conducted by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) on Generative AI trends, it has been revealed that an impressive 82% of respondents expressed interest in application areas utilizing Generative AI. The top three areas of interest are Media & Entertainment (62%), Educational Services (54%), and Health & Medical Services (50%). Others such as Industrial Manufacturing, Transportation, Finance & Insurance, and Retail also garnered significant attention, ranging from 20% to 30%.

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Note 1: 1,068 effective samples were collected.
Note2: Areas with less than 2% share are not listed
Source: MIC, January 2024

According to Liu, the survey indicates not only a high level of public interest in Generative AI applications but also a substantial 60% who believe in its future potential. Notably, the younger demographic (18-35 years old) shows an even higher approval rate of over 70%, reflecting a widespread optimistic and anticipatory attitude towards the development of Generative AI in Taiwan.

However, the survey also highlights that only 24% of respondents have a clear understanding of Generative AI, with 47% still lacking sufficient knowledge. As Generative AI continues to rapidly integrate into various aspects of daily life, enhancing public awareness has become a pressing need.

In a further user survey, it was found that nearly 20% of users have paid for Generative AI services. Liu emphasizes that despite only a fraction of users currently paying, the explosive growth and continuous evolution of Generative AI technology are likely to lead towards a direction that balances cost and quality, making it a noteworthy aspect with considerable long-term market potential.

As Generative AI continues its rapid development, it also brings forth numerous unresolved concerns. According to MIC's survey, a staggering 92% of respondents expressed doubts about Generative AI. The top three concerns include excessive dependence (64%), falsehoods and biases (61%), and privacy and security issues (43%). Other concerns, such as employment impact and regulatory compliance, also have proportions exceeding 30%. Remarkably, almost half of the 18-25 age group express concerns about employment impact, highlighting the emerging challenges Generative AI presents to the working generation.

*Survey Description: The survey was conducted during Q4 of 2023 through an online platform, spanning a duration of one month. The total valid sample size was 1,068. With a confidence level of 95%, the margin of error for this sample is ±3.0%.

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