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Global Telecom Industry Shipments to Grow 19.5% to US$675.6 Billion in 2021: MIC
October 21, 2021


Global telecom industry shipments are estimated to grow 19.5% in 2021, reaching US$675.6 billion, according to Taiwan’s government-backed research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) at MIC FORUM held from September 28 to October 8, 2021. “Looking ahead to 2022, although the demand for mobile/fixed networks will continue to create market opportunities, supply chain issues such as price increases and freight disruptions due to the pandemic will exert a substantial drag on the industry’s year-on-year growth to 1.5%,” said Welber Chang, senior industry consultant with MIC. Bolstered by strong demand for 5G smartphones, MIC estimated global smartphone shipments will reach 1.37 billion units in 2021, up 7.8% year-on-year. 5G smartphone shipments alone will top 550 million units and witness a whopping 129% year-on-year growth. “Looking ahead to 2022, global smartphone shipments are forecast to reach 1.42 billion units, 760 million units of which will be 5G models. 5G smartphones’ share will exceed 4G ones for the first time in 2022, reaching 53.7%,” said Rachel Liao, senior industry analyst with MIC.

Global Smartphone Market Forecast, 2021-2025

Source: MIC, October 2021

Established in 1987, MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) is a division of III (Institute for Information Industry), a major government think tank and IT research institute in Taiwan.

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