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Nearly 50% of Taiwan’s Consumers Aged 18-26 are Active iPhone Users: MIC
July 01, 2021

48.3% of Taiwanese consumers aged 18-26 are iPhone users, followed by 17% of Samsung phone users, and 8.8% of ASUS phone users, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a major government think tank and IT research institute in Taiwan. 49.3% of Taiwanese users are using phones all the time while 41.9% of users are using phones only during leisure time.

How Often You Use Smartphone Every Day? (Taiwanese Consumers Aged 18-26)



Note: 1,200 effective samples were collected in this survey that was conducted in the second quarter of 2021

Source: MIC, July 2021

49% of Taiwanese consumers aged 18-26 are more willing to spend money on food and traveling, followed by watching movies (14.6%). Among them, female consumers (57.3%) are higher than male consumers (40.7%) when it comes to spending money on food and traveling.

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