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5G Smartphones Will Account for Nearly 40% of Global Smartphone Shipments by 2021: MIC
December 24, 2020

Shipment volume of the global smartphone industry is estimated at 1.36 billion units, 39.8% or 539 million of which will be 5G smartphones in 2021, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), a government think tank and a leading research institute in Taiwan. "While the 5G smartphone market is expected to keep expanding, smartphone brands will be able to offer enough variety in product range and specifications," said Edward Lin, Deputy Director at MIC.

Global 5G Smartphone Shipment Volume and Penetration Rate, 2019-2024


Source: MIC, December 2020

"The foldable design is expected to be a new area of focus for 5G smartphones. With 5G helping power 8K video streaming, 5G foldable smartphones guarantee better viewing experience with an extended screen. Although foldable smartphones are slated for commercialization, yield rates and prices are still problems," Lin added.

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