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US Concentrates on Smart Medical Imaging System Patents Related to Image Processing-Image Analysis: MIC
December 27, 2019


Taipei-based, government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) conducted a patent analysis, by technology and country of assignee, on 760 US public patents related to smart medical imaging systems, the findings show that the United States has the highest patent counts and concentrates on smart medical imaging system patents related to “image processing: image analysis”, followed by “pattern recognition: text or pattern recognition methods”, "diagnostic measurement: measurement for diagnostic purposes".

Matrix Analysis of US Smart Medical Image System Patent Counts by Technology and Country

Note 1: The data in the table indicate individual assignees’ patent counts related to technology areas as defined by the USPTO and one patent will likely cover two and more technology areas.

Note 2: The areas highlighted in red indicate technology areas with the most patents, followed by those highlighted in blue.

Source: MIC, August 2019

"After cross-analyzing 35 fields covered by 760 smart medical imaging system patents and the assignees of these patents, the findings show that Siemens has filed the most patent applications to the USPTO, followed by Samsung Medison, IBM, GE Healthcare, and Microsoft, said David Chen, senior industry analyst at MIC.”

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